Sunday, July 27, 2008 & guestbook comments

WOW - I'm peeved right now. A few posts ago I blogged about how we were getting our deposit back. On my other blog, I told about our experience with this owner. (here's a link)

Well, I just tried to leave a comment on Here's how it works.
1) Go to the page of your rental - here's ours:
2) Scroll down to where it say "view comments from previous guests"
3) Click on "add a comment to this guestbook".
4) Follow instructions.

And then guess what?????????? They email your own comment to you...and you can either delete it or click on a button that will forward to the owner for their approval. So, since I'm leaving a negative comment, I'm sure the owner will not approve it. Now, if it isn't approved, the negative will still show up - people just can't read it. That's the owner, not to potential renters! Wait, here's the best part: the owner can "terminate" the guestbook at any time...getting rid of comments and any negavie counts...and then "reset" the guestbook and start all over.

And since this owner has zero comments, I'm sure that my 1 negative will be gone in no time! - it's still there for now...check it out!

So, just be careful when looking at comments...especially if an owner has none! You now know how they can do this! And please, be extra careful if for some reason you would want to rent from this owner...feel free to leave a comment if you want her name - I'll gladly share!!


  1. home away the owners of vrbo
    have only just bought out the review page ,im sure in time they will control it better,a minus review is one thing and is off putting which is what your intention is ,so care is needed not to go over the top ,if your paying $3000 a week you expect more than $700 ,or a plate was broken an excuse for a bad review
    as to the the way it works this blog works the same way ,you as the author will approve it.
    and if you dont agree with my point of view you can stop it being posted
    However i have been on vrbo for 10 years and review page is a welcome addation
    for your next stay perhaps one of our villa will suit

  2. Sue - I'm guessing that you thought I would not publish your comment. Well, I did. And I wish to reply in order to say that there is a big difference. This blog is not a commercial site. I am not selling any services or products so there is no need for feedback. And yes, I do have the right to not publish or to delete a comment.

    I just looked at VVBRO again and do not see a review page for the property we rented. I still see a place for comments; I'm quite sure the process is the same as I previously blogged about.

    Please don't try to assume you know what my intentions intentions is not to be "off putting" but rather to be something for others to consider when thinking about renting this specific place.