Saturday, July 12, 2008

2000: Beech Mountain, NC

Hey, look - we finally found a place that isn't in Tennessee! Beech Mountain was nice. This was the first year that dad didn't come along. I don't think he enjoyed himself too much. I think we were too busy most years making sure that all the kids were kept busy going interesting places. We didn't have much "down" time to spend with him.

Let's see...I have to go look later at some of the family newsletters I sent out to remember what we did. I do remember that this was one of the nicest houses we rented. (Much better than the place we at a later time - we now call it the waterfall house!) It had a pool table in the basement. Lots of porches and chairs. Good view. Plenty of seating room for relaxing. Good sized kitchen for cooking. Good closet/dresser space. Clean. The drive was fine. It still was a bit away from things but not too bad.

I do remember one of the places we ended up at a lot was Fred's Trading Post...yup, just a little general store in town - but it had basic groceries and more. It also had mini golf nearby.

That's all I can remember now - I'll post more later!

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