Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How it all started....

Our parents immigrated to the United States many years ago. They left almost all of their families behind. This meant, that while growing up as children, we never had family reunions. There simply wasn't enough family in this country to have them. Actually, a family reunion was gathering around the dinner table. Almost. We did have an Uncle and Aunt in the Chicago area. And dad had a cousin not too far away. But, that was about it for family.
The years went by. All my sisters and my brother had grown up. We were starting families of our own. But, we were split between two states: Michigan, where we all grew up and Florida, where mom and dad had retired and moved to. Then in 1994 our mom passed away. All of a sudden, we weren't sure if would still see each other as often with mom gone. So, we decided it was time to start a family reunion.
We get together every other year for a family reunion. We decide on a place to stay. One of the things our destination must have are condos for rent large enough to accommodate about 20 people.
I will tell you the cities we have visited, the places where we stayed, the attractions we have seen, what we liked and disliked and whatever else I can think of that would be interesting.
If we can help you find a new location for your very own reunion, wonderful! If you have a suggestion for us, please leave a comment. Feel free to let me know where you have been and how your family enjoyed it.

Here's a list of the places we've been so far with the larger family group:
1994: Gatlinberg, TN
1996: Gatlinberg, TN
1998: Pigeon Forge, TN
2000: Beech Mountain, NC
2002: Luray, VI
2004: Murphy, NC
2006: skipped this year...instead my sisters and my brother went to FL for Dad's 80th birthday
2008: Jasper, GA

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