Thursday, July 10, 2008

1998: Pigeon Forge, TN

Oh, I thought I had written more on my personal website about the trip this year...but there's nothing there but a title! I'll be back to fill this in some.

I do remember that this house was way up a mountain...and that the last bit of road actually had a very steep incline...and we didn't enjoy that. Now, the house we stayed in was not actually the house we originally rented..but the owners pulled a switch on us in the last few weeks. We wanted the other house because it had a nice large dining table - and we really need that with nearly 20 people trying to eat at once! And the worse part about this switch? We passed the original house on the way to the house we were was just before that very steep incline! And, we could look in and see the nice large table...on the way to our small table.

Oh, well...we still enjoyed ourselves!

More later.

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