Friday, July 25, 2008

Static Straps

Well, this is one item that no one ever seems to have heard of! Except my family! We've used them for years. Oh, what are they? A Static Strap is a long rubber strip that we hang from out rear bumper. It touches the ground and discharges any build up of static electricity.

Do they work? Yup, they do!

And I'll tell you the real reason my family uses them. It started when we were kids. We lived in Michigan and would often take the pop-up camper to Florida during winter break. Well, mom got car sick on long car trips. Dad had heard of these as being a way to avoid car sickness. I think that maybe the build up of static electricity leads to car sickness in some? Anyway...he bought some shortly before one of these camping trips. But, being that it was winter in Michigan, he told mom he was going to wait to put it on until we hit warmer weather.

Off we went...before we even got out of the state of Michigan, mom said to dad something along the lines of "if you didn't tell me you hadn't put those on, I would think you did. I don't feel sick." Which is when dad told her that he actually had put those on! She couldn't see them because of the camper. He just wanted to see how she reacted with no preconceived ideas. Ever since, they've always had them on the car.

I have one sister and a couple of nieces who tend to get car sick. So, I keep these on my car for those times we go somewhere. On the plus side, I don't get those nasty pokes from static electricity!

Want to know where to find them? We always get them at NAPA Auto's a link to the item:

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