Saturday, October 11, 2008

Savannah: 2007

Last year we went to Savannah for our sisters vacation. We had a great time over all. It didn't start off on the best note with our hotel room though...we ended having to change rooms because the mini fridge was not working! We needed a fridge. We had already unpacked when we discovered this, but since we only ended up moving to the very next room, it wasn't to bad.

They did have a couple of computers near the front desk that were internet enabled so we could look up places, check our email, and I could check my Etsy store! That was a bonus.

One thing that was amusing was watching my oldest sister try to open up a bottle of wine. Now, by no means was this the first bottle of wine she tried opening in her life! Ha! But, she broke her corkscrew...

No problem...she just went to the front desk and borrowed theirs.

AND BROKE IT!!!! Now, at this point we haven't even had any wine yet, but you couldn't tell that from the laughter! Ended up pushing that cork into the bottle...and then "straining" our wine in order to drink it.

We bought 2 new corkscrews the next day...gave one to the front desk to replace theirs...and used the other for about a day...before she broke that one!

More later on Savannah...the places we visited...the restaurants we ate at...the good...the bad.