Thursday, July 10, 2008

1996: Also in Gatlinburg, TN

Our second reunion was also in Gatlinburg, TN. The condo we had rented two years previously was not available so we had to find another place. We ended up in a small house very close to the main street of Gatlinburg. The good thing about this house is that it was within walking distance to town: no driving up and down several miles of winding twisting hairpin turns anytime we wanted to go anywhere. The bad thing about this house is that is was very small. It was actually two units combined by a double-locking door. It had only four bedrooms, one of which our dad had by himself. This left three bedrooms for the four sisters, one husband. The last sister and her husband had the second unit where the bed was not in a separate room. Plus, the kids ended up on couches, etc.
I especially remember the small kitchen. I believe we had the kids sit at the kitchen table while the adults sat in the family room to eat. If you needed to open the oven door, you couldn't walk past it - no room! We definitely we crowed in this place!
In spite of the small place, we still had a great time! As always, it's fun to see family you don't get to see very often. The food was great and we one again did the "each family cooks one day". That's almost the best part of the vacation. Trying to find something new to make. We have started a "Nederhoed Vacation Cookbook" that we now add the new recipes to each year.

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