Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yahoo Instant Messenger

can be our best friend...or a most frustrating friend. As I've said, we're 5 sisters who are now spread out over 3 states. Yes, I'm the neglected one who is all along in the state we all grew up in...there are 2 sisters in Florida and the last 2 sisters now live in Texas (quite close to each other). So, one thing we've done since that last of us broke down and bought a home computer is to get online once in a while and all chat together. It does get confusing...

For example, we picked last night to chat. These days we have to be specific - and not only say the time but the time zone! Anyway...we are currently using Yahoo Messenger. But it seems lately that every time we try to chat, at least one of us has a problem! Last night, we were not able to invite sister #2...she kept signing in & out. We could see that. When we would try to invite her, she'd be unavailable. She finally had her son help her update Messenger. And that worked - we could invite her. However, her & I could not see each other's posts. So, we started over. Then, she would have these great long delays where she sees nothing...and then get everything at once. Weird...

So, please... we need some suggestions! Do any of you do private chatting? We need to try something new, but it need to be simple as um, some of us are more tech challenged than others.

Please share suggestions in your comments!

Many many thanks from all of us sisters.

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