Thursday, December 4, 2008

the things I do for my sisters...

So, in a previous post, I'm sure I mentioned that my 2 sisters who lived in Michigan have now moved to Texas. It's at this time of the year I really miss them. We would always do a couple of craft shows together - that's so much more fun than either going alone or dragging my 5 year old son with me!

One of those sisters had a Christmas tradition of making handmade chocolates...turtles, chocolate covered cherries, peanut butter snowballs (my recipe for this one actually!), and many many others. Well, there's a local shop she get her top quality chocolate from. Guess what? She cannot find a supplier in her new hometown in Texas! So, who does she email for help?!

So, I ran out on my lunch hour, picked up 12 pounds of chocolate (8 for her & 4 for me). The next day I stopped by the post office to pick up one of those flat rate shipping boxes. Took it back to work to pack up. Stopped again after work to mail it. Was told the shipping would be over $17! Seems I picked up the wrong box. Remember, this is at the post office. I ask the guy, this isn't a flat rate box? He was great - he pointed out where they were...he peeled of the address label with tearing it and then put it on the next box...he opened up the wrong box and helped me slide everything (including shredded paper for packing) into the new box...and then he wrote "perishable" in it and put tape around it. He was great!

So sis...your chocolate in on the way!

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