Friday, November 28, 2008

This just made me laugh!

So, I'm out today doing a bit of shopping at Toys R Us. I got a $10 off coupons to use so why not? So, I've got a few things but need some more to reach that $100 purchase before the coupon kicks in. So, I pull out my cell phone and give my sister Jodie a call to see what my niece would like for Christmas. Well, the phone is answered so I say "hi Jodie". The voice on the other end tells me "Jodie is gone and this is her sister". So I say, "oh, this is her sister too". And the voice says "Hi Letty". And I laugh and say, "No, it's not Letty" and she finally knows the voice.

Do you think we all sound alike?


  1. Is this a train car? I could live in one of those!

  2. it used to be! These days it's a restaurant...The Whistle Stop Cafe in Savannah GA. We weren't very happy with the food/service there but the train was fun to see.