Saturday, September 13, 2008

Helen GA: West Family Restaurant plays a large part of a great vacation, doesn't it? We've been to some wonderful restaurants...and some lousy ones! I remember one in/near Helen, GA. It was/is a family-style restaurant called West Family Restaurant. The 5 of us sisters went. They had a buffet but I think we all decided to order off the menu. Granted, they were busy...but our waitress was simply lousy! It took forever to get our order taken. When she brought out our food, She no idea who ordered waht. She didn't even notice that one of us had NOTHING! No food at all! We had to call her back over and ask where the order was...and she didn't know.

Now, several of us sisters have worked in the restaurant business...waitressing, hostessing, fast food...we know what it's like. We know when someone is trying their best but are just too busy to do it all. We know when someone just doesn't care.

In the end, guess what tip another sister left her?


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