Sunday, September 7, 2008

Helen, GA 1999

How did we decide to go to Helen? One of us sisters had heard about it from some co-workers. They loved it! A nice little Alpine village in northern GA. We checked it out on the internet and it looked good...things to do, places to eat, and places to shop...yup, that's our criteria!

I booked the hotel room through my Entertainment book...seemed like a good deal. Small room. With a roll-a-way. Remember, there are 5 of a room with 2 beds is not enough! We barely fit the roll away in it. Four drawers in the dresser. One sink - but at least that was no in the same tiny room as the shower & toilet. We made it work. NOTE: always remember to bring air freshener on vacations!!!

Somewhere around day 3, we discovered that our peep hole in the door was turned around! Think about it...that means that someone outside the door could look into the room...and we wouldn't be teeny tiny! Yikes...yup, we covered that baby up!
The best place we ate at was the Edelweiss Restaurant...absolutely delicious! Both the food & the coffee!

We made special t-shirts for this, our 2nd SOV (sisters on vacation) trip. On the back they said "sisters on vacation". And people would read this and still ask "Are you all sisters?" Yup, here's your sign!
Overall, we had a good time. More later about Helen GA.

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